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Are diamonds a girl’s best friend? Of course they are! They are also April’s birthstone.

We’re talking facts about diamonds and below we’ve listed a few gems we’ve discovered about this exquisite stone and thought to share these 10 diamond facts with you.

1. Did you know?

Ancient Greeks and Romans actually believed that diamonds were the production of tears that were cried by their Gods, or splinters that had fell away from falling stars. Quite magical.
The Romans essentially believed that the arrows of Cupid had diamond tips (possible evidence of the earliest association between diamonds and romance).

2. Did you know?

Some diamonds actually date back over three billion years.

3. Did you know?

Diamonds will form approximately one hundred miles below the ground and will proceed to be carried up to the surface of the earth by deep, volcanic eruptions.

4. Did you know?

The single element that makes up diamonds is carbon – the gemstone being nearly 100% pure carbon.
Under the influence of scorching heat and pressure that is miles below the earth’s crust, the carbon atoms actually bond together in a unique way that produces a diamonds’ stunning crystalline structure.

5. Did you know?

‘Diamond’ derives from the Greek world ‘adamas’ meaning invincible or indestructible.

6. Did you know?

One of the only things that can scratch a gemstone as tough as a diamond, is another diamond.

7. Did you know?

Thousands of years have seen the valuation of diamonds. Some evidence of this happening tracing as far back as the fourth century BC, being collected and traded in India.
In the first century AD, Pliny, the Roman naturalist, was quoted as having claimed, “Diamond is the most valuable, not only for precious stones, but of all things in this world.

8. Did you know?

The ancient Hindus would substitute diamonds as eyes for their devotional statues, believing that a diamond would protect the wearer from any foreseeable danger.

9. Did you know?

A majority of ancient cultures believed that those who wore diamonds gave the wearer both strength and courage during battle, which is why some kings can be seen wearing the gemstone on their armour while riding into battle.

10. Did you know?

In the Middle Ages, diamonds were thought to have healing properties, and were believed to cure ailments that ranged from fatigue to any mental illness.

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